Captain Sports, Inc. is headquartered Gravette, Arkansas. Captain Sports is a direct reflection of the city in which it is headquartered. Though growing rapidly since its inception, Captain maintains a small company feel and the overall commitment to provide the best orthopedic products and the best service to our valued customers.

Captain’s continued growth and strong brand loyalty is attributed to the innovative and industry leading products continually introduced to the market, as well as unparalleled customer care and innovative services. Through continued cost containment efforts and streamlined business operations, Captain is also able to offer Captain dealers the best prices possible. Captain dealers are able to pass along these low prices to the users of our products to ensure that everyone who purchases a Captain product will receive the most effective treatment for their injury at the best price.

Our team of product designers continue to raise the bar in the orthopedic supports industry. Captain’s Product Development team continually market test and evaluate the data and feedback to further improve the Captain brand product line, as well as develop new and innovative product line additions. Captains’ Product Development Team work with athletes, sports trainers, and medical professionals to ultimately bring the most effective orthopedic products to the market.

Captain Sports was founded on the commitment to help athletes and active individuals to recover faster from sports and overuse injuries, and get back to the activities they love. Captain Sports takes great pride in supporting the everyday athlete and active individuals who encourage activity and a healthy lifestyle. Captain’s promotion and sponsorship of “Everyday Hero’s” and the “Captain Sports Endurance Team” program, celebrates the incredible accomplishments of those leading the charge in making our communities healthier through local and national health and wellness initiatives.

For more information on Captain Sports, our industry leading products and health and wellness initiatives, please contact a Captain Sports representative today.