Captain Figure-8 Tennis Elbow Support


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The Captain Sports Figure-8 Elbow Support is a lightweight, comfortable and perspiration absorbent elbow support that offers constant support to the tendons of the elbow. The Captain Sports Figure-8 Elbow Support was designed for the person on the go, therefore it will withstand the demands of physical activity and stay in place to provide optimal and comfortable support all day long.

Tendinitis, Tennis Elbow, and Golfer’s Elbow: During repetitive activities such as hitting a tennis ball, swinging a hammer, gardening, and any variety of sports or labor activities, the tendons of the elbow slowly and painfully begin to pull away from the bone of the elbow. This is where elbow pain commonly originates. With continued repetitive use of the elbow, the tendon-bone connection continues to weaken and the elbow pain steadily increases.

How the Captain Sports Figure-8 Elbow Support Works: The Captain Sports Figure-8 Elbow Support simply stops the tendon from continuing to tear away from the bone. By placing pressure on the muscles of the elbow, the muscle is immobilized and better able to resist further tearing. After continued use, the support begins to facilitate healing in the muscle-tendon-bone connection by providing firm compression and support to the entire elbow joint.

By placing continual pressure on the tendons connecting the Flexor and the Extensor muscles to the Medial and Lateral Epicondyles, the Captain Sports Figure-8 Elbow Support significantly reduces the tension at the point of connection to the bone. With time this reduces the daily exacerbation of the Tendinitis, therefore facilitating the healing process by reducing continual stress to your elbows in your daily physical activities.

Comfort: The Captain Sports Figure-8 Elbow Support is made of 100% soft-cloth neoprene which ensures a comfortable fit all day. The Captain Sports Figure-8 Elbow Support is very compatible with athletes and occupational users due to its perspiration absorbent properties that will prevent sliding and discomfort unlike the heavy plastic or foam elbow devices on the market.

Size: Because the Captain Sports Figure-8 Elbow Support is not bulky in size, the user is able to wear the support anywhere and underneath any clothing garment including form fitting shirts. The support is available in four sizes to ensure that every arm size is provided the most effective elbow support and an appropriate amount of pressure.

  • Undergone rigorous quality testing in the patent process, patient prescriptions, and field tests to ensure fast elbow pain elimination
  • Designed to stay in place and remain effective during all physical activity regardless of how much elbow movement is involved
  • Mobilizes the tendons from tearing away from the bone while at the same time allowing the muscle to expand and contract during activity
  • Applies pressure to all areas of the elbow to ensure that many elbow conditions are treated
  • Contains no uncomfortable heavy plastic or foam that slips down the arm and constricts muscle expansion during physical activity
  • Perspiration absorbent and small enough to be worn underneath any type of clothing
  • Can be washed to remove sweat and stains, and to restore the support back to its original elasticity

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